Monday, February 20, 2006

The Little Things

We had a quiet weekend at home and it was so nice. The house was decent so I wasn’t fraught about getting a lot of cleaning done. The boys and I are all recovered and DH didn’t have to work on Saturday so we SLEPT IN – until 7am! That’s big stuff in my world. Then we went for a ride, pre- snowstorm.

Tom had some stuff to look up at the big local University so the boys and I went to a cool little coffee place and had some lunch (well, they had lunch, I waited for Tom) It was funny because as soon as we walked in to the cool coffee place I could see the people in there recoil at the sight of two almost toddlers. My boys were perfect angels, yet people still got up and moved away from us to other tables when we first arrived.

When I say angels, I don’t mean they were on THEIR best behavior, I mean they were on ANYONE’S best behavior. They were quiet as mice and smiley and content to just people watch and snack on their puffs. I had to smooch on them many times because they were so smiley delicious.

Hmm, perhaps people were moving away from me? Afraid if they also behaved as well as my kids I would want to smooch on them too….?

Needless to say the endless ringing of cell phones was WAY beyond any noise the boys or I made smooching. I guess people without kids just cant help themselves but cringe at the potential for noise. I was all prepared to retaliate too, in case my kids dared to giggle and set any of the studying students off on a tangent. It was, after all a restaurant that I brought them too, not a library, regardless of how many people were studying and writing papers.

Then when Tom came to fetch us we had a lovely walk down main street and went to a famous bar for their famous nachos. Well, not a bar, I wouldn’t bring the boys to a bar, but think big old tavern with good food and no smoking. I hadn’t been there in years and years - since I was in college.

Anyway while we were there enjoying the famous nachos, sitting near the fireplace enjoying a chat as the snow started to fall outside and our gorgeous children slept in their stroller next to us, I had a revelation. I remember many years ago sitting in that same restaurant watching a married couple with their kids on a Saturday afternoon and thinking how cool it was that even thought they were married with kids they could still come there for nachos and then I wondered/hoped that I would be married with kids someday and able to do stuff like that too.

Wow – for once, I have become the people I wanted to become instead of feeling like “I wonder if that will ever happen to me…”

It’s the little things, right?

Then yesterday we woke up to big snowstorm – Yeah! I love snow and I particularly love weather extremes because despite all of our technology, etc we still cant control the weather!! So Tom got to be Super Man and shovel about 812 tons of snow while I stayed in and made homemade spaghetti sauce and meatballs and a chocolate layer cake for Big Daddy.

It was a regular made-for-TV day at our house. I even got to take a nap. I am all about the little things.