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2/3/06 - "Big Daddy 10"

Feb 3, 2006
Big Daddy 10
I realized that I have spent an inordinate amount of time drooling over my kids and given my husband very little mention. So in honor of it being Friday, here are 10 things I love about my husband:
1 - He had enough sense to pick me* (harhar)
2 - He is as crazy about our kids as I am.
3 - Dirty diapers don't phase him.
4 - He makes me laugh, AND thinks I am funny.
5 - He makes my kids laugh and their faces light up when they see him - EVERY TIME
6 - He gives great back rubs.
7 - He is a good cook and will make any recipe I ask for, AND clean the disgusting pots and pans that go with it.
8 - He worries about old people being lonely and makes extra efforts to spend time with them.
9 - He always drives so I can take a nap.
10 - After 9 nine years together, he has finally admitted that I am usually right.

***Ok, we picked each other, but he puts up with my moods, debt and family
**I did not throw this in to show how smart or wise I am, just to prove that it takes a hell of a dude to admit his wife is almost always right.
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