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3/27/2007 - Dear Brian Williams

Mar 27, 2007
Dear Brian Williams
I love you, I do. But your story last night on the effects of daycare on children was an insult.

The strain of not being able to afford to stay home with my children and having to put them in daycare was tremendous. It was easily the most difficult and painful decision I have even had to make as a parent. I conducted an exhaustive search for the best daycare we could (barely) afford for my kids, and I have nurtured a close, open and highly interactive relationship with my daycare provider to ensure that my kids every developmental, physical and emotional need is being identified and addressed.

So it was with great fear that I listened to you rattle off the statistics that children who spend more than 30 hours per week in daycare, as mine do, are at greater risk for aggressive behavior and that by the age of 4 ½ more than 17% of them will exhibit “Problem behaviors”.


You followed up your grim stats with your medical expert Nancy Snyderman, herself a mother.Surely a working mom like Nancy would have some advice? Perhaps some insight on why daycare increased the risk of aggressive behavior? Or what parents could do proactively to prevent/modify this behavior in their children?Nope. Instead, she offered tips on selecting a daycare provider. Tips like; “You need to feel good about your children’s caregiver.” And “You want nurturing, engaging staff…”

Day Care Selection Tips??? Because that never occurred to any of us when we went through the agonizing decision to put them in daycare in the first place? Did you think we looked for places where we didn’t trust the staff? Places where the staff were obviously unhappy and overworked?

This is the best you could come up with?Not helpful Nancy. Not helpful Brian.

Before you heap anymore stress and guilt on this working mother’s already overloaded plate, do your homework and come back to me with information and solutions that actually help me do my job better.Guilt and stress? I got that covered!
Posted by Michele at 3/27/2007 04:34:00 PM
Swistle said...
I hate it when people offer scary reports and no solutions. I remember reading something similar awhile back about the effects of divorce on children. Solution? None; basically, "Don't marry someone you'll divorce." Then, later, the study was refuted. Same may happen with this study: it seems like a lot of times, sensational information gets released before it's been carefully verified. Just to freak us out, I guess, because we don't have enough to freak out about.
Mar 27, 2007 5:53:00 PM
Suz said...
Oh...I hated her. Didn't you catch the bit where she said "mothers who have to work as MANY AS 30 HOURS A WEEK?" The last I heard, 40 hours was the standard work week with many of us having to work far longer to fulfill our job obligations. This little blurb made me find out more about the report, partially because I was just so angry at this segment.
Mar 27, 2007 7:22:00 PM
binkytown said...
Bravo. What is up with NBC. Do we have NOTHING MORE IMPORTANT to talk about?!PS- He's probably right about the agressive part- my kid is hitting everything in sight but then at least be fair and talk about the positives of day care, because, there are many; socialization, sharing, exercise, advanced learning, etc. I hate it when they do this.
Mar 29, 2007 10:52:00 AM

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