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3/6/2006 -A Baby(s) Story

Mar 6, 2006
A Babies Story, the finale'
I guess I was about 7 months pregnant when I went in for my regular check-in and they said “Hey, let’s schedule your c-section today!” I knew I was getting a c-section because the boys were breech and one of them was a placenta previa. So the doc whips out a calendar and says - :”How about March 11th?”

I was speechless. I didn’t expect to be scheduling it yet. I wasn’t due until April 18th if I went 40 weeks, so even with the expected 37 weeks for twins, March 11th was still kinda early, no?I bargained – “How about the 17th? I’m Irish so I’d love to deliver on St. Patrick’s Day.”Doc – “Hmm, sorry cant do it that day. Let’s keep it on the 11th since several of us (doctors) will be in the hospital that day.”

And there it was, the 11th. So much for fate. Everything about these kid’s lives so far was planned and scheduled by doctor’s. I hope that will make them very timely people.

So the 11th approaches slowly. The week before I got a call for an interview with a company who is notoriously slow to respond. I had applied with them almost a year ago. They wanted me to interview on the 11th. My c-section was scheduled for 4pm and I was already wondering how we would keep busy that day. I actually considered squeezing them in that morning. Am I a ridiculous multi-tasker or what? But common sense, and lack of anything to wear for an interview at 8 months pregnant, won out. I got my c-section moved up to noon and told the company ‘Call me in a few months…”

The day of delivery we still didn’t know what these kiddos would be called. We had already been through a book of over 14,000 baby names and still had only a tentative list. We also didn’t know what we were having. We didn’t want to know and we knew since they were fraternal it could be any combo. I swear in one ultrasound (I had about 20) I saw some girl parts by accident so I swore we were having at least one girl. So we spent way too much time on girl names.

On the ride to the hospital we were still debating every name and finally I decided I needed to see the babies before I could name them.We get to the hospital and get all suited up and we meet everyone and they tell us the gameplan. I did know there would be one brief period when Tom would have to wait outside the OR until they called him in. That was when they said they needed to “swarm” and get me hooked up to everything and Dad’s tend to just get in the way so they have them wait in the hall. So they wheel me in and they swarm. And did they ever. I was stripped and about 12 people were all over me doing God knows what. It was so fast and so bizarre that before I even had a chance to obsess about my complete and utter nakedness it was time for Tom to come back in. I was already swabbed, catherized and numb from the nipples down. Very fast work, that swarm. And they gave me the most lovely anesthesiologist who stood at my head and fed me wonderful drugs into my IV. That was magic. “Do you feel pain?” “Yes, a little.” Whoosh – it was gone. I want her to follow me around like that all the time.

So Tom is in place at my head and everyone introduces themselves to him. There are like 30 people in there since I am having twins. Then someone asks what we are having and when we tell them we don’t know they all cheer. Apparently EVERYONE finds out ahead of time these days and the OR team misses the surprise. So then they want to know HOW we want to find out now – should they lay the baby on my chest or can they just yell it out? We go with the “Yell” method – since now everyone is in on the big announcement.

And before we know it (I swear it felt like 30 seconds) the doctor says “Ok, we have Baby A coming out butt first and it’s a big one and IT’S A BOY!” And she comes around the little drapey thing and shows us a gorgeous little chunky boy. We are completely undone. How can this perfect little person have come from me so fast? They give us a quick snuggle and then Team Baby A takes him to check him out and it’s time for Baby B. “Here comes Baby B and IT”S ANOTHER BOY!” and she brings him over and he is a long, wirey adorable little screamer who looks nothing like Baby A. Everyone on Team Baby B cheers and soon he is whisked away for his check-in. In the process he pees on everyone on Team Baby B and they cheer again. You gotta love a cheering section who gets excited about your kids first pee.

We can see them and hear them screaming as they get checked and it is the single most wonderful sound I have ever, ever heard. Tom and I just squeeze each others hands and smile and cry and say ‘Two boys? Two boys? TWO BOYS!” Wow. They are weighed and their weights are announced for the room “Baby A is 6 pounds 1 ounce.” Cheers again. “Baby B is 4 pounds, 15 ounces. He peed himself one ounce short of 5 pounds!” Again with the cheers. I am loving this crazy OR staff.

Then the head of Team Baby A comes over for a little chat. Baby A is fine, but they are hearing a tiny bit of “grunting” in his breathing, probably because he wasn’t squeezed out of me and he still has some fluid in his lungs. So they want to send him to the NICU for observation. I must have looked panic stricken because he hugged me – well, as well as you can hug a person who is on her back with 87 tubes attached to her as her guts get sown back in. He said it was only a precaution and we’d have him back by the time I was out of recovery. Then he brought him over to me to hold (FINALLY) and I was done. Just done. Luckily a nurse reminded us to start taking pictures so we have on film Tom and me falling in love for keeps with Baby A. We said our goodbye and then they brought us Baby B and I thought my heart would just explode with love all over again. Is there anything more amazing than that feeling when you finally get to see them and kiss them? Baby B was so cool too. I swear he looked at me like we were old friends.

We spent some time in recovery and it flew by as various family came up for the big intro to Baby B. Tom and my parents kept running over to the NICU to be with Baby A. I missed him already. I tried to nurse Baby B but when I came at him with my DDD’s he looked at me like I was crazy. They were in fact bigger than his head.

Finally time to go to our room. The nurses weren’t sure whether baby A would be back from the NICU yet but they would check. When they wheeled me on to the OB floor I heard a screaming baby and the nurses assured me that was Baby A getting his first bath and he was fine. I reunited with Baby A and they took B for his bath. When he finally came back and the four of us were sitting on one bed together my life was complete. Tom stayed late into the night and we knew right away what we would name them. Somehow seeing them did make the difference.

I didn’t sleep at all that night. Way, way, WAY too excited. I begged them to let me walk and th
e nurses finally relented around midnight. I had to hold my BOYS! I was just beside myself with joy. I took a shower, had some dinner, met all the nurses on that shift. It was a regular baby slumber party. Very early the next morning the pediatrician came for the official examination and when she pronounced them “robustly healthy, perfect little boys”. I felt like I had won the Oscar. Or the Noble Peace Prize. Or both, twice.

I still do.

Posted by Michele at 3/06/2006 04:02:00 PM
Sharpie said...
Ya gotta love the OR team....My son was c-section as he was...um....10 freaking pounds and they were as awesome as I could hope for when your arms are tied down to a board!They were like - OMG he's HUGE!! Honestly he did not look huge to me - but my daughter was 8.3 so maybe I don't know what the hell I'm looking at...They took him to the NICU and they are calling me over the intercom....Hey - want to take a guess - come on....GUESS!! Characters you never forget.Thanks so much for sharing your story - brings back memories of mine I have long forgotten.
Mar 6, 2006 8:28:00 PM
sherry said...
What a great story. LOVED it. Totally brought me back to our OR team, those crazy bastards. Even when I threatened to kick the doctor in the head for asking me, "Are you even TRYING to push?" And, the cheering. I remember that cheering, too.And, every girl should have a hair stylist, PR person and anesthesiologist at the ready, at ALL times.
Mar 8, 2006 12:42:00 AM
nancy said...
So glad I found this...I too have twin boys (fraternal from IVF) and didn't know what we were having. No one could seem to get a grip onthe fact that we chose not to find out. We felt that every single moment from conception through high-risk pregnancy was so scripted, we wanted to have some FUN. Then they arrived and boy, the fun started. My boys will be 4 soon. You are on the best jounrey ever. Congratulations!!

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