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6/5/2007 - Perhaps George and I should have a playdate

Jun 5, 2007
Perhaps George and I should have a playdate
Sometimes I get distracted by the house and all of its needs.

The other day I was putting laundry away as the boys flitted from room to room around me. They had just finished lunch and had a rare mid-day bath after a hazy, hot morning at the park. They were sleepy but also exhilarated by this rare, unfettered access to the upstairs, normally safety-gated off during the day.

I went from room to room, hanging and sorting and re-folding. Remembering to empty waste baskets and toss a few rolls of TP down the stairs for the powder room. I stopped for a minute to dust the picture frames in the hall, and straighten the quilt on the guest bed when I noticed that the giggling and scampering of the boys had stopped.

Where were they? Not in the master bath tossing OPK’s about again…Not calling 911 on the phone in our bedroom again…Not, gasp, at the bottom of the steps.

And then I heard them. In their room. Toddler A was pulling blankets through the bars of their cribs and making “nests” on the floor. Toddler B was already settled in his pile of soft blankets, eyes heavy and fingers twirling in his hair. Toddler A saw me at the door and said “Night, night Mommy. Kiss?” I kissed his sweet face and knelt on the floor to nuzzle Toddler B. He whispered “Night, night, Mama”, and I was dismissed.

They slept for three hours. A three hour nap, on a Saturday afternoon. That they initiated on their own. Be still my heart, but when did my kids get so independent? I enjoyed my three hours of “me time”, but not without feeling slightly like a lame duck Mom.
Posted by Michele at 6/05/2007 04:19:00 PM
Mrs. Chicken said...
Oh, how very, very lucky you are! I am green with envy.The Poo's last nap was in April, and that was drug-induced.This was adorable.
Jun 5, 2007 7:35:00 PM

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