Monday, July 30, 2007

Ah, Sweet Mysteries of Youth

My sister sent me an email yesterday and asked me what advice I would give myself if I could go back in time. I think this was a meme that floated around a while back, but I had some fun with it again.

What I would tell my young self -
Family first. Always.
Kids are worth all of the trouble that you will go through to have them. Times a million.
Jim and Jay are not good enough for you. Dont waste your time.
Stop worrying about whether you will ever get married. You will, and you will know when you meet him that he is the one.
Perms are a mistake.
N and S are gay. Together. Stupid.
Jackie is the friend you will keep.
Algebra does not matter later and French is a waste of time. Take Spanish and computers.
Better yet, major in something specific. Like Medicine.
Avoid credit cards. You cant handle that freedom. Can. Not. No.
Stop worrying so much about what everyone else thinks and do what you want to do.
Travel, alot.
Live somewhere else, like Italy for a year before you settle down into a "real" job.
Having a boyfriend does not necessarily = Happiness.
Save 10% of every dollar you make. Trust me. You are not going to win the lottery and you are not going to marry a rich man.
If something just feels wrong, it is.
Buy a beach house before 1990. Even a shack. You can always fix it up later.
Take more videos and pictures.
The trip to LA will be too short. Stay longer. The kids will be fine.
Mom will never change. Love her just the way she is.
You don’t always have to be right but you should always try to be kind.

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