Monday, July 30, 2007

And We Danced...

was about two weeks off of a break-up. Home on a Saturday night, feeling like glitter left on the floor the day after the big party. Blue, blue, blue. Pathetic. Annoying. Blue.

It wasn’t that I missed “Him”. “He” was a disappointment in the boyfriend department once the initial glow wore off. But I really missed the glow. The butterflies in the stomach, the preparation excitement of the Saturday date. I missed having someone to dress up for and somewhere to go. And worst of all, I was “old” and I thought I was running short of eligible guys and I was just going to die alone with a bunch of cats. My self-esteem was somewhere under a pile of laundry.Yup, I had it bad. Just be glad I didn’t blog then. Ugh.

The phone rang. It was a married girlfriend from work. I was surprised because I knew she had a hot date that night with her husband at his squadron formal. Scared about why she was calling, I asked her if everything was OK.

“Girl, get your new party dress on and come out here now! Have I got a man for you!”

“What? Hello? I am still in the 'I just broke up with someone and I am trying to figure out what I want to do next' phase. I am not ready.”

“Shut up and put your Easter dress on and get out here. I will meet you at the main gate.”

“No, you are crazy……”

You can figure out the rest. Me saying no, her saying yes, back and forth, back and forth, until suddenly a man’s voice is on the phone. A silky, deep, hot, “ I want to father your children, pay off your credit cards, pick up my socks and love you forever.”, Manly Man Voice.

“Hi. I know we haven’t met but she has been telling me all about you and I really want to meet you. I am here without a date and I promise I’ll take good care of you. Please put your new dress on and say you will come.”

How could I say no? I had a million reasons not to but that voice negated every one. So I did it. I put on my new party dress and my highest heels and fixed my hair and make-up and ran off to the base, cursing her the entire way, and feeling like a fool.

My friend met me at the gate and whisked me off to the party. We walked in, me losing confidence with every step. Out of a crowd of handsome men walks this tall, handsome guy,. He took my arm and said “I am Mark, and I am so glad you came. You are even more beautiful than she said. Would you like to dance?”

And we danced. And laughed. And danced. And went for a walk. And held hands. And danced. And went for coffee. And talked and laughed and, no we didn’t dance anymore because we were at a coffee shop by then. But we kissed and it was a really great kiss. And he asked me for my number, and he told me he would call me and said that I was the best thing that had happened to him in a very long time. It was my Barbie Dream Date.

And he did call, and we did go out on another date but it wasn’t the same, and he lived a few hours away and it was just too much to navigate. He was Mr. Perfect Date but he was also Rebound Guy, and he knew it. But it didn’t matter. Because for that one night of dancing, I was the most beautiful, charming, funny girl in the world. And that was power. And once I had the power, I didn’t need a man anymore. I was BACK, Baby!!

I bet you thought this story was going to end up with me falling in love with Mr. Perfect Date and living happily ever after? The thing is, I am living happily ever after, with my husband, who was attracted to me when he met me because I was beautiful and funny and charming and smart and because I didn’t need him.

Everyone should have a Rebound Guy like that guy. Hmm, maybe he is THE Rebound Guy and he just travels the world making women feel like Angelina Jolie? No wonder we never dated again.

Damn, he’s good

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