Monday, July 30, 2007

Annual Review

This is the week leading up to the Big 2 at our house. The boys will be 2 on Sunday, which means I come bearing all the infinte wisdom of a mother with two whole years of experience.

That sound you just heard was generations of mothers before me falling off of their thrones laughing at my naivete.Touche'.

A little self-assessment.

Things I swore I would do when I became a mother, and didn’t:
Nurse – I have boobs the size of Rhode Island, which apparently was not a guarantee that my kids would be interested. The fact that said boobs were double their birth weight may have been a factor.
Keep the baby books updated – Hahahahaha. I think each book has an ultrasound and a birth announcement in it thus far. Not that much happens the first two YEARS. Besides sitting, crawling, walking, teeth, talking, first haircut, etc. Yeah, I have failed this one miserably.
Go Organic – I tried, but the stuff would practically spoil on the way home from the store, and my God the prices! I see why they call Whole Foods ‘Whole Paycheck”. We still avoid most trans-fats and most HFCS but are hoping some of the unavoidable preservatives will lengthen our life span. Har har.

Things I did not think I would do when I became a mother that I totally do:
Pee with two people watching, commenting, and stealing all of the TP.
Sit back and watch as my living room is slowly eclipsed by plastic toys.
Elmo – he still grates on my every nerve ending, but my kids heart Elmo.
Count – Is there anything more annoying than that Mom who counts at her kids? “Justin, if I get to three you are definitely not watching your movie later…1….2….Justin!.....” Yeah, I am totally that Mom sometimes.
Buy plastic crap – See #4

Things that I think I am doing really well:
Instilling a love of books in my kids. They will chase you down waving books at you yelling “Book! Book! READ!” I love it.
Playing – I am a doer, a completer, with a long to-do list, so I was really worried I would struggle with striking a balance between having fun with the kids and “Getting Things Done”. I am not getting as much done as I used to, but damn, the trade-off is so totally worth it.
Sleeping – I was pretty strict with Tom and myself about setting and sticking to a regular bedtime and no-frills routine and thankfully my kids have adhered to it beautifully. They are wonderful sleepers and that makes for a much happier home.
Taking the kids to church – we skipped for a few months when they had just learned to walk and would NOT SIT STILL – but we are back at it. I miss my lazy Sunday mornings but I feel like we need to expose them to church and faith so they are well-equipped for their own soul-searches someday. Besides, my totally adorable pediatrician goes to the same mass we do – High Five!

Things that I need to do better:
Lose my post-pregnancy weight so I can keep up with my ever-faster children.
Write more to them, about them, because they are so incredible.
Save for college – My head hurts and my feet sweat just thinking about it. But they are smart little boys so we need to be ready. As long as they let me come with them.

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