Monday, July 30, 2007

Feelin' Groovy

I read this question from a reader over at Ask Moxie today.

"I wondered if you had encountered the same experience upon the arrival of your first child. My husband and I are very close, and were particularly close during my pregnancy, which was a little difficult because I was quite ill in the last months....we have been good friends forever, and really only argue about one that's another post!!!! Because of the strength that underlies our relationship I was absolutely shocked to find our relationship in disarray after the arrival of our now two-week-old baby. He is extremely involved and had two weeks "paternity" leave and really does his share of housework--but we are bickering about the stupidest things and seem to have a disagreement, harsh exchange, or argument once a day (granted our days have become much longer)! I feel a little isolated and lonely, especially sensitive, and really am grieving for my buddy and the fun and love we had--as much as I love and adore my new baby--did you have an experience like this and did it get better??? "

Oh my GAWD! This is the warning that should come attached to the pregnancy test box. It should be printed on the baby shower gift wrap and on the cover of all of the “What to be terrified of when you are expecting” books.

I won’t print Moxie’s stellar response because you can click over and read it yourself and comment, as I did. And it is wonderful. Required reading for all new parents, in my opinion. She rocks. But why I include this is to say that - We Have Come a Long Way Baby! Baby’s. Babies.Whatever.

I remember that feeling. As thrilled as we were to be parents I remember thinking my husband was a complete and totally selfish jackass because he got to leave and go to work with ADULTS who did not require pumped milk and clean diapers. People who got to SLEEP, and wear regular bras and eat hot meals not cooked in the microwave during the 11.5 minutes between feed-burp-diaper-snuggle-pump-nap-rinse-repeat sessions. He was so lucky. I was trapped. And then when he got home I alternated between wanting him to please take over, and feeling like the most over-protective, controlling shrew on earth. “JUST LET ME DO IT!”

And now. Now, all is so very wonderfully well. It scares me how fast time goes by. On the one hand it was just yesterday wasn’t it when I was wondering if I would EVER get pregnant? EVER? And now here we are, a FAMILY. We do family stuff and have family dinners and family meetings. Ok, so only two of really say anything at the meetings, the other two just eat the snacks but still, they attend. And giggle. A lot. We have a groove and we Work It, Baby! Baby’s. Whatever

This weekend we are going on a family road trip. Just the four of us. And two pack-n-plays, 34 diapers, four sippy cups, eight sesame street books, and some snacks chosen for their low back seat to front seat trajectory and propensity to not crumble all over the car seat. Songs will be sung, badly. Naps will be taken. Plenty of unnecessary snacking. It’s a college road trip, sans hangover. With beer upon arrival at my baby sister’s fabulous new house. Life is good. Very, very good.

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