Monday, July 30, 2007

How We met

How I met my husband. Inspired by Amy over at Binkytown and her post about meeting her husband in a bar.

It was 10 years ago in March. My friends and I were going to the St Patricks Day "Loop" in a nearby town. The "Loop" is where you pay one flat price and they give you a bracelet that gets you into 12 other bars in the town for free. You also get unlimited rides on the Loop Bus. A bus that shuttles drunken singles clad in their sexiest (female) or cleanest (male) green outifts from one slushy bar to another. It is as raucous and gross as you are imagining.

I didnt want to go. I was 29 and nearing the end of my tenure at Happy Hour's and frankly sick of the whole singles scene. I had actually met a few nice (although not husband material yet) guys online and was starting to think that was where I belonged. But I did love my friends and they were insistent. My mother was even in on it - "Go! Maybe you will meet someone nice!" At a bar? I think not.

The third bar we went to was packed. Rather than stand in the frigid cold waiting for the next Loop bus we decided to brave the crowds. I offered to stand by the door and watch for the bus. As we piled in I saw a cute guy right by the door checking me out. I was flattered but figured he was a bouncer. I already had doubts I'd meet a nice guy in a bar, I certainly didnt want to get involved with a bouncer. But I thought "Why not?' and loudly announced to my friends that I would stay there by the door (next to cute bouncer) and watch for the bus. Cute bouncer was shy though. I had to act like I was really interested in the basketball game on TV to get him talking.

We hit it off immedidately. Turned out he was not a bouncer but was actually on his way out when he saw me coming in and decided to see if I was with anyone. I remember mentally checking off my Boyfriend Wish List in my head as we talked (Handsome-check, taller than me-check, funny-check, college grad-check, good family relations-check, smart-check, local-check, common interests-check). At some point one of my friends came up and was begging me to go to the bathroom with her. I tried to give her the old "Get Lost,please, dear friend!" high sign but she was too drunk to get my drift. With her on the verge of tears, I finally had to take her. (I pinched her all the way to the bathroom and said "You better not have lost my future husband for me!")

After I told him I would be right back I thought "If he is here when I get back I am going to give him my business card." When I got back he was there, pen and paper in hand and said "Before we get seperated again, would you want to give me your phone number? I'd really like to see you again." SCORE!!!!

He called me twice in the next few days and we had long, wonderful, funny conversations. But no date plans. What was that about? I was starting to panic when he called me a third time and said "Before we say anything else, will you please let me take you out on Saturday night?" SCORE AGAIN!!!!

Our first date was pure magic. We had cocktails in one place, a fabulous dinner somewhere else and then went to a third place to listen to a band. In between dinner and the band we had a romantic walk and an explosive first kiss. I swear there were fireworks and falling stars. It was the kiss you dream about when you are 14 years old. I knew right then that I would be with him forever.

10 years together. 10 YEARS! When we met, there was no way we could have predicted the infertility problems, the job losses, the financial upheavals and the stress of two kids and two full time working parents. But I also could not have predicted the delicious bliss of our two boys, or that he would be such an amazing, hands-on, full-on Daddy, and my true soulmate and partner on the journey. I love him, love him, love him.

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