Monday, July 30, 2007

My 100 Things

I haven't done this yet. I thought it was time. My 100 things:
I am the oldest of four kids. Three girls and a boy.
My husband is also the oldest of four.
Being the oldest, I am very organized and dependable.
My siblings call me bossy.
I am a natural blonde but am getting darker as I get older so I highlight.
I started that when I was 18, and now I can’t stop.
I am afraid of snakes and clowns.
I am not afraid of heights, death or public speaking.
I am very smell-conscious.
I throw shoes away if they make my feet stink. Even if they are fairly new.
I could give them to Goodwill, but who wants stinky shoes? I give alot to Goodwill.
I am addicted to fabric softener.
My favorite smells are my kid’s heads, a wood fire, clean clothes, Coppertone, and bleach.
I am a great cook but I’d rather bake.
I love to read. By the time I was 10 I had read every book in our house.
A day alone in my house cleaning is a great day for me.
Don’t judge. I find cleaning very satisfying. If I could make decent money, I’d have a cleaning business.
My sisters are my best friends.
I have other friends too, but not as many as I would like to have.
I could get rid of half of the stuff in our house and never miss it.
I hate clutter,
I was a big party girl in college.
Not so much anymore. Very domesticated.
My kids are the best thing that ever happened to me.
I still can’t believe they are mine.
I am not creative per se, but I have a very active imagination.
Although I don’t generally follow this stuff, I have a weird psychic ability. I think of someone/something out of the blue and within 24 hours will hear from or about them. It has done zilch for me.
I can’t whistle.
When people here that, they always try to show me how to whistle by whistling for me and saying “See? You just blow.” As if I have never tried that.
I am not now, nor have I ever been, hip.
I think my personal style would best be described as “Neat and clean.” Oh well.
I love perfume. Expensive perfume. It always fits.
I would rather get an internal exam than get on the scale.
I have Stage 4 Endometriosis. But my doctor says it’s more like Stage 10. Which doesn’t exist
I had IVF and got pregnant with twins the first time. We were very lucky,
We have two frozen embryos waiting. I think about them every, single day.
Three years of infertility made me question the existence of God. I still get mad at him sometimes. Being mad at God is a completely unrequited anger. Like picking a fight with an ottoman.
I knew the night I met my husband that he was The One.
We met in a bar. It took him three phone calls to ask me out. He takes forever to make a decision.
Our first date was the best date ever. The rest were also pretty good.
He’s a great kisser.
So am I.
I don’t have alot of patience. I work on it.
My mother in law is my polar opposite – short, petite, quiet, timid, meek.
I had two honeymoons, one to Ocracoke Island right after the wedding, and another to Ireland a month later.
I am very non-violent by nature, but I love mob movies and TV shows.
I know way too much of the dialogue from the Godfather movies.
I am definitely a dog person, but don’t feel the need to own one.
I hate cats. I am very allergic to them.
My favorite comedians are Lewis Black, Chris Rock and Dave Attell.
I don’t get Brad Pitt’s attraction.
But I love me some Clive Owen and Andy Garcia.
I love English period movies – like “Gosford Park”.
The smell of honeysuckle on a warm night makes me 14 again.
I love the beach, especially after 3pm.
Humidity makes me very crabby.
I’d rather be cold than hot.
I should have been a doctor. An OB/GYN specializing in Reproductive Medicine.
I never worked up to my potential as a student, and I am still trying to make up for it now.
I make more money than my husband and always have.
That sucks, for both of us. We are both more traditional than our lives would seem to say.
I really like to recycle, it makes me feel wholesome.
I am also a garage sale shopper and a trash-picker. I can’t stand to see useful items thrown away. Especially bikes. We have about 8 bikes now.
I don’t like high heels. I wish I did.
I don’t wear sweat pants. But I do wear nightgowns. Call me Granny, I don’t care.
I have to wear clean pajamas every night, and I can’t get into bed unless I wash my feet.
I listen to NPR or Opie and Anthony. The only current music I know I learned from television.
I think the inventor of Air Conditioning should have gotten the Noble Prize.
My family is very funny. We laugh a lot at our own expense and nothing is off limits.
I love coffee so much I dream about it.
My kids are named after an Amish guy we gave a ride to once, and an Irish runner.
I wear lipstick every day. Even if I am home sick.
I don’t feel a great urgency to answer the phone every time it rings. If it is an emergency they’ll call back.
I thought having a C-section was easier than having my wisdom teeth out. By far.
I love television.
I don’t have the attention span anymore for watching movies on DVD. I would need to go to the theatre to really concentrate.
I am a fanatical multi-tasker.
I have not owned a cell phone for three years. I do not miss it.
I don’t need to win Mega-Millions, but 100K would be life-changing for me right now.
I don’t care if my boys are gay or straight or whether they go to college or not. But I do want them to be kind, respectable, hard working and happy.
I will suck as a mother in law.
I make great cakes.
I like weddings, and bridal and baby showers.
I love to shop. Love it.
If I had the money, I would get plastic surgery – boob job, eyebrow lift, tummy tuck and arm lift.
I have good parents. They have been married 40 years.
My dream job would be to be Oprah, but without all the “finding your spirit” stuff, and with happier books.
I was raised Catholic and I practice it. But I think everyone has to find their own religion that works for them. I don’t think God discriminates between religions and favors one group over the other.
I do believe that I should do unto others as I would have them do unto me, and I definitely believe in karma.
One of my favorite quotes is from Will Rogers Sr. “No one ever said on their deathbed ‘I wish I had worked more.”
My favorite ‘Church-y” quote is; “Sometimes God calm’s the storm, and sometimes God lets the storm rage and calms His Child.” . I have been on both ends of that sentiment.
I fantasize about being a stay at home mom, but know I would need some kind of break.
I secretly love driving my mini-van.
I am claustrophobic.
I will be 40 this year. I can’t believe that shit.
I don’t think my kids will think of me as a “Fun” mom, but they will think I am a good mom.
I am a good wife.
I miss being a college kid with the world at my feet and no responsibilities.
But I wouldn’t trade being a mother for anything in this world.

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