Thursday, August 30, 2007

Dropping the Deuce

Despite my moaning last week about everyone forcing my kids into potty training, and despite me, progress has been made.

Last night they had stripped bare for their bath when Toddler J suddenly got a panicked look on his face and ran into the bathroom yelling “Mommy, I go potty!”

This is new.

So we ran in, got him settled and his brother (and twin, also nude) settled on the floor and started “reading” a book to him. I tried to be very low-key, and said I’d be nearby if they needed me.

About 10 minutes later, Toddler J yells ‘Mommy, I did it!”. I go in and find both of them, heads touching as they gazed in wonder into the toilet. He did, in fact, do it, and rather splendidly.

Lots of singing, dancing and high-fiving ensued. Brother E ran to the back door, threw it open and in all his naked glory shouted to the world (and Daddy, who was cutting the grass) “J pooped in the potty! He did it! He is a big boy!”

The rejoicing continued as we left a message for my parents. J, the pooper, very seriously said “I pooped in the potty. I big boy.” Then his brother and self-appointed cheerleader E got on and repeated his triumphant announcements about J’s success.

At least E isn’t letting the peer pressure bring him down.

I admit, I went to bed last night gloating, thinking my “low key” approach must be the way to go.

This morning, neither of them wanted a damn thing to do with the potty.

One flush forward, one flush back.


Swistle said...

They are so funny and cute!

Binky said...

What a scene! I love the dynamic your little guys have going.

Here's hoping they start dropping deuce in the correct receptacle on a regular basis, and soon.

Mom Tu-Tu said...

I always found the laid back approach to work best. Both of my kids starting using the potty when I stopped asking them to! LOL!

Mom101 said...

Your last line is hilarious.

I have to admit I'm a bit in awe, as my toddler is standing in front of me, pooping in her diaper as I type.

Mrs. Chicken said...

Can I just say that I hate hate hate potty training?

Like, totally hate it?

Thanks for the laugh.

Michele said...

I am in denial of this whole potty training thing. I am.

Suzie said...

Hang in there - it all works out in the end! My ittle "cheerleader" cheered his twin brother on for almost 6 months before he followed suit. Hang in there - they will be using the potty on their own before they hit college!