Friday, August 10, 2007

I'm just a girl in the world

Nothing spells career success quite like walking down the hall and running into your boss on the way to the ladies room and having him introduce you to your new male co-worker, who reaches out his hand to shake yours.

The one in which you are trying to hide a tampon. Because your skirt doesn’t have any pockets.

Another rung higher on the corporate ladder…


AndreAnna said...

Almost as bad as the price-check on my enema today at the drugstore (I have to take it before a surgery on Monday morning, but didn't feel like going into detail to the 16 yr old clerk).

When I don't have pockets, I stick the tampon in my waist band in my skirt/pants or in my bra. Because, inevitably, someone stops me on the way to the bathroom.

Shelly said...

Yep, I do the waistband trick, too. Or up the sleeve if I have on a long sleeve shirt.

Not a Granny said...

Think of it this way, at least they know you aren't pregnant!

The Middle Child said...

Yup, I'm guilty of the waistband trick too! But now I try to keep them in the bathroom.... yet it never fails that when I go in there without one, someone has raided my private stash and I'm stuck in there without one. I have at least wised up and started checking before actually sitting down!

But we have a small one room bathroom with a nice cabinet to keep that stuff in... it's not like that everywhere, hardly anywhere actually.

This made me laugh.. you know the "I know all about that" laugh.

Have a happy day!


Mrs. Chicken said...

Oh, so very, very funny! :)

Since I work at home, I am subjected to a small boss who watches me pee, then instructs me to pull up my underpants and "cover that pee-pee, Mommy!"


Sharpie said...

Oh My GOD - Now I just shot coffee out my nose!! HILARIOUS!!!!!! Now that I work at home - it matters none - but I used to use the waistband or tucked into the bra trick....God, I am gonna laugh all day!!

myminivanisfasterthanyours said...

I got the Mirena IUD, so no more tampons needed here.

Oops, was that too much information!?

BTW I truly laughed out loud reading this!

a happier girl said...

Talk about awkward. I'd turn beet red.