Friday, August 3, 2007

Klass Notes

Got this idea from Swistle and though it was hysterical. MY BFF Jackie and I used to create imaginary alumni updates for each others reading pleasure and this is a natural extension.

The deal is, write one paragraph like you are submitting it to your alumni newsletter and then write the next paragraph telling how it really is.

Here’s mine:

Michele and Tom are enjoying their third year of bliss in their beautiful house in a growing community. The boys turned two in March and have been an adventure in creativity and curious exploration, keeping Mom and Dad on their toes! Michele continues to enjoy her three challenging positions; full time employee of a software company, and “Top Chef” and “Head Housekeeper” at home. Tom is thrilled with his latest endeavor and looks forward to moving up the ladder quickly at this new company. The whole family looks forward to the boys starting school in 2008!

Well, it took three years but we finally got something to grow on our half acre of clay. If you look closely amid the clover and crabgrass, you can actually see a few blades of real grass. And hey, after six months sitting in the corner of the dining room, we finally managed to charge the cordless drill up and put the “real” blinds up to replace the “temporary” ones we bought when we moved in. The kids are driving us crazy with their climbing and have turned into regular Houdini’s, managing to bypass every gate, lock and barrier they find. Wednesday night Tom and I enjoyed a few minutes of peace, only to discover that the little ingrates had snuck out the back door and were throwing dirt at each others freshly bathed heads. Oh the joys! Michele’s ever expanding ass is dragging from trying to do too much both at work and home, and Tom is hoping one of the losers he works with gets arrested soon so he can push for a raise. Maybe next year when the boys start school and we are no longer spending $1000 a month on daycare, we can finally afford to buy some furniture to replace the hand-me-downs and garage sales specials currently gracing our cluttered castle. And then we will talk about having a big party and inviting all of you over, but never actually get around to doing it.


Shelly said...

Hilarious!!!! I love that the boys were throwing dirt at each other's freshly bathed heads. That is so like my kids!

Swistle said...

Love it!

AndreAnna said...

This was great! Nice to see one from another working mom. I did mine too!

Tessie said...

All of that hilarious greatness, and yet all I can focus on is: $1000 a month for two kids in daycare? Please tell me you're getting some kind of Twin Discount because we spend that much for ONE.