Wednesday, August 29, 2007

To F, or not to F? That is the question

Look Left! It is an ad, for which I am expecting huge, fabulous returns so that I might retire early and spend my days watching reruns of “Rock of Love” and eating bon-bons and peeled grapes.

Actually, coffee money alone would be SU-WEET!

Yup, I dove in and joined BlogHer ads. Because I had nothing to lose and only to gain.

Unless someone is offended by the ads, in which case I strongly suggest you read me through Google Reader (ad free!) and stop commenting altogether. I miss you old commenters! (Christine I am waving at you!)

Actually, my decision, not that I have to justify it!, includes the hope that I will be inspired to write more (which is good for my psyche) and stop luking so much and comment more elsewhere, which is being a good blog neighbor. Thus possibly increasing traffic, and thusly improving the quality of my coffee. And bacon.

Mmmm, bacon.

Here is my dilemma. I said when I joined BlogHer ads that I would not use profanity on my site. It was optional, but I need to clean up my act anyway considering the little parrots I live with. And no, that does not mean you can’t fire away in the comments with any trash talk you wish. I will not edit comments.

But what exactly constitutes profanity? I can assume that F, S , P and C are off limits. But what about jackass? Or damn? How about fake profanity like “WTF” or “$hithead”? Is that also off the table now?


If you can't comment, at least click left. My coffee mug thanks you.


Anonymous said...

What the?

Michele said...

"Anonymous" -

Bill is probably saying that right now.

hahahaha, you crack me up.

- Miguelita

AndreAnna said...

Hmmm.. this is tough. As a proud purveyor of profanity (ooh, that's alliteration if I've ever heard it), I like all sorts of naughty words, but have come up with ways to mask them around my child and in the workplace.

"Son of a monkey's uncle"
"Holly Jeebus"

These all work when in the presence of toddlers and bosses. I still feel like they lack the oomph I need, but WTG on your ads! I hope you get some coffee money soon. I clicked for you.

Binky said...

I clicked left. Now go to my blog and click right ;)

Shelly said... does not bother me when bloggers ad ads to their sites. That said, it does frequently make viewing their site more difficult for me because our Internet connection at work sucks and any flash or otherwise moving objects usually slows a site *way* down. Which makes me sad, but I try to visit anyway.

And on your cursing issue, I think WTF or any such abbreviations should be fine and some substitutions like Andreanna suggested should get you through. : )