Thursday, September 13, 2007

But No Clowns, Please

Wow, alot has happened since my last post.

Yes, I accepted the new job. It is a really great opportunity and comes with a nice salary bump and much better benefits, time off and future potential. All good. I will actually still be in the same building and work with some of the same people I work with now. So no first day jitters about where to park or where the coffee is.

I hate the quitting part. I am always a nervous wreck when it comes to resigning. But it could not have gone more wonderfully. I had to resign to three people – my actual boss, who is in another state entirely, my unofficial on-site “boss”, and his boss who is the head of department in which I am a consultant. Everyone said such nice and supportive things to me, about me, and made me feel so good I started wondering if I was making the right move to leave.

Then again, if they had said all of these things to me before, I would have asked for a raise and a better chair. All of which they probably knew, and thus they avoided telling me how good and valuable I was until I already quit. Which is why they are the bosses, and why my chair still sucks.

Anyway, last night should have been merry with excitement, no? Well, not so much. My husband had a K-rappy day at work yesterday so he was in a foul mood. He was genuinely congratulatory (did I just make that word up?) but could not snap out of his own personal job funk for very long. I know he is happy for me, and he said as much, and that I deserve it , blah, blah, blah I guess I wanted flowers and a parade and he is not really the flowers and parade type. More the pat on the back, keep up the good work type. But last night, I wanted more than pizza and a few pats on the back. Which made me all girly and teary and sad about why it couldn’t be my special day. Like a Bridezilla, but in this case a “Careerazilla”. Leading to a very un-productive argument about whether I was overreacting or he was, followed by the encore production of the one where we fight about how we fight.

Good times.

Don’t make me do the disclosure about how we don’t fight that often and things are really fine. We don’t and they are. But last night was not at all what I had envisioned in my Hallmark moment mind when I accepted the new job.

Perhaps my new co-workers will throw me a parade.

On a completely different note, go check out Sherry at Horkin Ramblings and her web cam. This is the first time one of my long-time blogger favorites has done the web cam thing. I feel like I know her from somewhere, but I only know her from her blog (which was one of my first and felt like girl talk over coffee from my very first visit). I know everyone is doing the web cam thing these days, but they are strangers on YouTube and this is Sherry, and I feel so voyeuristic now. Either that, or that weird feeling you would get when you saw your teacher at the grocery store. I dont know. But go over and say hi and tell her you like her hair color because last week it was the color of a banana slug. I will let you Google that one.


BetteJo said...

Expectations suck a lot of the time because no one can ever meet them! Not even ourselves. :( So buy yourself some flowers, it's not the same but they still smell as sweet!
Course you could always say you got them from someone else - oops, did I say that out loud? Kidding!
And that weird feeling? Yeah. Saw my gyne buying beer at 7-11 once. E-e-e-w. Wasn't the view I normally had of him. *tee hee*.

sherry said...

Congrats on the new job!!!! Be expecting an email on the down low so you can tell me all the juicy details!

I agree with bettejo...go buy yourself something nice. Or, better yet, buy yourself something from Tiffany's to wear on your first day on the new job. Which ever you decide is a good choice, I think.

After I posted that vid, I kind of thought some people might find it cool but creepy, since it's so hard to place a face AND personality with the blog. But, I love it. And, if silly ol' Rosie O can do it, why can't I?

PS- I'd throw you a parade ANYTIME!!!

And, smooches for saying you liked my hair.

Swistle said...

I thought this was so funny: "Leading to a very un-productive argument about whether I was overreacting or he was, followed by the encore production of the one where we fight about how we fight," I read it out loud to Paul. So! Funny!

MrsGrumpy said...

Congratulations! That is really good news. It is a bummer when they don't react in the manner we expect them to. But here,on the internet, I'm throwing you a party... Good luck. And, also, thank you so much for your support. This is a weird and horrible time and I sometimes wonder how I am going to deal. To know that people are thinking of us is a really nice thing. So I want to tell you that you rock.


Sharpie said...

I have SO been there and done those fights. I call it the Fight Revival or the Encore Production brought back by POPULAR demand!!!!

Sorry it sucked.

And YEAHHHHHHHHHHH for the new job. Good for you - you deserve it. And a parade. Fucking men.....

Mamma said...


And welcome to DC Metro Moms.