Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I love Google. I google everything from medical symptoms to old boyfriends to recipes. I recently heard about googling your name and “needs” and seeing what comes up. I tried it this morning and the results are almost as amusing as the bizarre searches I see on my site meter. Oh by the way, the “Under My Skirt” post prediction about attracting Google-verts, definitely did not disappoint.

So, here is what I need:

Michele needs to be healed desperately!!!!!
Clearly someone has seen the scaly dry skin on my legs. It is not even autumn yet and I am already THIS close to rubbing Crisco into them.

Michele needs to hire a Goon.
I do know someone with a squad, but I am not sure if they are up for hire yet. How threatening can a goon in Pull-ups be?

Michele needs to learn to be more careful with her Voodoo
If only I knew Voodoo. The things I would do to my OJ doll, and my Honda-mini-van-with-the- engine-light-on-for-no-good-reason doll.

Michele needs to create names for her imaginary friends
They have names!! Isn't that what my blogroll is for? (the blogroll that needs updating, desperately)

Michele needs help adjusting her body regularly
This was posted by my arms, who have been falling asleep every night in bed because I am so exhausted that I don’t think I even move during the night.

Michelle needs to move on with someone else since Tony’s no longer around
Is my period of mourning for the loss of The Sopranos THAT obvious? Apparently that ridiculous “tribute” they did to them at the Emmy’s set me back a few stages in the grief process.

Michelle needs to just shut up.
I think my husband or my kids may have written that…

Michelle needs to get her game together, she also needs to stop her parents from running her life
Definitely my husband. He must have a blog.

Your Turn! My sweet imaginary friends, its your turn. What do you need? Google your name and the word "needs" and see what comes up. If, like me, your name has a unique spelling, feel free to change it for different results.


Lumpyheadsmom said...

"Lumpyheadsmom needs to eat something and keep her ugly mouth shut."

Wow. Harshness.

And #2 (and 3, oddly enough):
"Silly Lumpyheadsmom needs all five of her riders around her at all times!"

I have no idea what that means, but I'm not clicking the link.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

My Goons are totally for hire.

Claudia can be VERY intimidating.