Tuesday, September 4, 2007

New Math

The factor (A) “level of blissful satisfaction achieved from just having showered, shaved legs, and moisturized after a morning of completing alot of pain in the butt household tasks”

Multiplied by

(B) the power of opportunity provided by two toddlers just going down for a much needed nap

And Squared by

(C) the arrival of two new magazines + a great new book + clean quiet house + fresh iced tea + the possibility of a much-needed nap for me

Will never be greater than

(D) the level of arousal of a husband who just realized that (A) and (B) were simultaneously occurring, thus rendering (C) obsolete.


Swistle said...

Men understand NOTHING. Why is that ONE THING so interesting to them? They can't see a freshly-showered woman without wanting to make her need to take another shower.

a happier girl said...

Funny. Guys never understand that those moments are so fleeting and rare. Although an interested husband is a nice problem to have.

Michele said...

Swistle, my thoughts exactly.

Mrs. Chicken said...

HA! This makes me crazy. All I want is some peace, man. Not a piece of man.

Binky said...

This proves I suck at math. I can't even get this equation right. You don't know what I would do for some freshly showered, early afternoon sex. Unfortunately, (A) and (B) do nothing for my husband's (D). Like happier girl said, an interested husband is a nice problem to have.

Michele said...

Binky and Happier, I know, I do appreciate the desire, but sometimes I just feel like all I do all day is take care of everyone else and never get to take care of me. Of course, my husband would say "I'll take care of you alright! Har har"