Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Eight is Probably Enough

I was tagged by Kristy to do an 8 Random Things post. I love Kristy. She makes me laugh and makes me think, which is exactly what I like in a blogger. I think she picked me because I scoffed at her anti-Delaware stand. I don’t really think one semester is enough to judge an entire state, and like I told her the nachos at the Deer Park alone are worth the trip. And this weekend, the annual Apple and Scrapple Festival. Can you stand it?

So here we go:

1 – I was attacked by a llama
Ok, attacked might be a bit strong but he did try to eat my ponytail. I was about 3 or 4 and we were at a petting zoo at the mall. A llama tried to eat my ponytail and for weeks later I could swear that same llama was looking in my bedroom window. My second floor bedroom window. I still think llamas are pretty shady.

2 – I once worked in a tampon factory.
No, I was not a tester. I worked in the mailroom. It was my very first summer job. I was 15, and my Dad worked there in senior management and he got me the job. I did fine there for the first few days until one of my co-workers figured out who my Dad was. Then they all shunned me. I went from being the sweet new girl who was doing great to the mole who was spying on them who only got the job because of my Dad (ok, that part was true, but I was no mole!). It probably didn’t help my case that when they all went outside to smoke on break, I went and laid on the couch in my Dad’s air conditioned office.

3 – I can’t whistle.
Really, I can’t. If you were here right now you would probably say to me ‘Sure you can, just go like this and blow (making the universal face for whistling)” As if I have never tried that.

4 – I once was a “dresser” at a fancy schmancy fashion show
I was assigned to one model and my job was help her out of and into her outfits in the 8.7 seconds they got for each wardrobe change. I had to literally strip her and shove her into the next thing, even if it meant I had to touch her boobs. Which was not as awkward as you would think because they were nearly non-existent and she was so pissed off about not getting to wear some of the best outfits that I probably could have given her a cavity search and she would not have noticed. What she did notice, however was when I had to tell her to suck in so I could zip her dress up. That was the only time she bothered to make eye contact with me and she nearly bit my head off. How dare I insinuate that she needed to suck in? (me in all of my size 18 glory). I was tempted to just leave her unzipped but I was also kind of scared of her.

5 – I am afraid of clowns, snakes and bugs.
But not of death, public speaking, heights or flying.

6 – I like Willie Nelson
I know! But as a kid my Dad was a big fan, and so I learned to be a fan by proximity. My Dad and I even went to concert when I was 12. My first concert and people were smoking pot all around us. I felt like my Dad and I were just so wild. I have seen Willie twice more since. I just love his raspy old voice.

7 – My dream jobs include – being Oprah (but not the current Oprah, more like Oprah ten years ago), owning a coffee shop/hair salon, doing a talk radio show with my friend Jackie.

8 – My kids complete me.
I know most people would say their spouse does, but mine doesn’t. He complements me and makes me happy and I am crazy about him. But when my kids were born, I finally felt like I was really 100% alive. I wrote more about it here. It may be my very favorite post.

Hey, if you got this far, you are TAGGED!!


k said...


Thanks for the llama reference.

Also, I am totally too harsh on Delaware, but it was a really. bad. semester. Like, SO so bad.

And maybe you and Jackie should start a podcast? :)

Tessie said...

"I still think llamas are pretty shady"...HAHAHA! Me too.

Shelly said...

I *LOVE* the post you wrote about becoming a mother. I could not agree more. I feel like my children came from a heart I didn't know I had.

JMC said...

I can't whistle either. The closest I came was as an adult while watching DragonTales with my kids. There was an episode where they were trying to teach one of the kids to whistle. They told him exactly what to do. I tried it, and it sort of worked!

MrsGrumpy said...

I adore Willie Nelson. He was one of Leonard's favorite singers. We used "Always on My Mind" (because it will always make me think of hime) and "Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground" (for the same reason) at his service. So, I think you rock. Do Llamas have the weird eyes, like goats? If so, then I am with you.

Sharpie said...

The tampon worker - it still kills me....

I too would love to be Oprah - and I want her wardrobe...and her shoes...and her purses....but not Stedman - she can keep him.

3XMom said...

I'm with you on the old Oprah -- the current Oprah is just too holier than though. I still love her, but somehow just a little less now.

That Chick Over There said...

I'm also a mom of twins (hi!) and I have NEVER thought my husband completed me (and even wrote a post about him called, "You don't complete me" because I'm awesome like that) but I've always thought my kids did. :)