Monday, October 22, 2007

I Want Frost on My Pumpkin!

I have had it with this hide and seek Autumn weather. It is late October, but my kids wore shorts and t-shirts to daycare today. Last Monday they wore jeans and sweatshirts.On my lunch hour I stopped by my parents house and my mother was wrapping Christmas presents, while my father cut the grass in shorts. My office has the AC cranked up to “Blizzard”, apparently to chill all of the Halloween candy that we should be consuming while wearing our new fall sweaters, not while rocking our faded summer attire and the “last, really the LAST” pedicure of the summer.

I want blustery winds to blow crisp leaves around my street. I want the smell of a wood fire wafting through the air as we pick apples from the orchard and rush home to warm up with hot apple cider. Instead I get humidity hair, capris that should have been burned on Labor Day, and the distinct pleasure of walking through yet another swarm of gnats.

PS – a gnat can land IN your eye, stay there until you walk the 30 or so yards from the parking lot into the ladies room, and then FLY out of your inner eye and into your hair.

I want a big killing frost tonight, Oh Great Pumpkin.

Cross-posted later today over at DC Metro Moms, because I needed a bigger audience for my complaining, apparently.


Suz said...

Ditto and Ditto. I love Fall weather. It's a real pity that we don't have any.

Anonymous said...

Where I live we had a temperature change of -35 degrees in the past 24 hours! Fall is on the way.

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Shelly said...

I completely agree! It is 85 degrees today. That is insane and wrong!

sherry said...

AMEN to that. I walked outside today, expecting it to be chilly, and it was 75, humid and sticky. But, there are multi-colored leaves all over the place. Go figure.

BTW, so sorry about my post before...didn't mean to sound like I was singling you out. :( You know how much I LURVE you, right?

LURVE, LURVE, LURVE, Lurve's the word... :)

Christine said...

We lit a fire yesterday because it was finally chilly. Then the sun came out, with the logs still ablaze. We had to open a window to stop from sweltering.

It's just WAY backwards!

MrsGrumpy said...

It is my fault. I have been willing it to stay warm because I dread the winter months. I apologize.