Wednesday, December 5, 2007

When it is OK for Santa to give them underwear

My kids have more than enough cute, warm clothes to get them comfortably through the winter. But they have decided that we are missing an entire line of preferred clothing - shirts that carry their current favorite things, which at the moment consist of firetrucks, footballs, drums, and oddly enough, trombones.

We have one shirt with a football, and one with a firetruck. Both are short-sleeved summer left-overs and they can wear them as undershirts only ('cause 'Damn it's COLD here). Which is fine with them. But they want to wear only those shirts, all day, every day. I have two boys, and only two acceptable "under" shirts. You do the math and factor in the current 48 hour laundry turn-around time.

They need new undershirts anyway. So this morning I had the revelation that I could just buy them undershirts, and then make my own iron-on transfers of firetrucks, trombones, drums, and footballs to embellish them. Thereby greatly upping the supply of kid-approved undershirts, while also making those kids dance with glee, which is the point of Christmas in our house anyway.

So in less than 5 minutes on Microsoft Word, I found clipart of everything they love and saved it to a Word file. I found this pack of transfer paper that I will pick up on my lunch break, and I will also snag two 6 packs of t-shirts from Target in the same trip.

I dont know if I can wait until Christmas to see what they think. I mean, how many kids have trombone shirts??


Shelly said...

What an awesome idea! I *love* it!

Lumpyheadsmom said...

Trombones. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

If you can find hp transfer paper, then I would recommend it. I have had better long term results with it. Also, remember to reverse the image when printing.

MrsGrumpy said...

Way cool... And a lot nicer than what I do...which is wrap up their plain old t shirts and underwear as Christmas gifts. I bet they will love them.

Leanne said...

Great idea! Homemade gifts from "Mom" will be remembered long after all the plastic stuff is in the land fill too.

Have fun!

Sharpie said...

Sherry and I used to get underwear and bras EVERY year as kids until I got married. Now I get a Victoria's Secret gift card. You are never too old or young to get undies for Christmas.

Love your idea. You're a great mom!

Julie R said...

What a great idea! I may just have to steal it. My twin daughters are very into dinosaurs and would love to have some pink dinosaur undershirts.