Tuesday, January 15, 2008

As the Scale Tips

My husband has mild asthma. I say mild because it is under control. Once a year he goes in for his annual "breathing review". I am sure there is probably some medical term for it, but that is what I call it.

So his "review" was yesterday afternoon. When he got home last night we were doing the usual, "So how was work? Did you mail the water bill? Can you take the trash out?" while we were getting dinner ready. And just as we get the kids settled at the table to eat, he says "Oh hey, I lost 33 pounds since last year."

I thought he looked like he had lost a few pounds, but 33? 33 POUNDS? If I had lost 33 pounds, I would have bought a new wardrobe. And put an announcenment in the paper. And possibly had a parade.

How did he do it? In typical male fashion, where all they have to do is think about needing to lose weight and it comes off. He gave up soda, and got a job where he was more physically active. Slightly more active. For me to be active enough to lose 33 pounds, I woud probably have to try to rebuild the pyramids. Alone.



Sharpie said...

"Rebuild the pyramids" - LOL - Yea, I hear ya sista!!

Shelly said...

If I had lost 33 pounds, I would definitely have had a parade. And yes, I would have had to rebuild the pyramids, too. Hilarious post, girl. You just blew my cover that I was working. : )

Karen said...

LOL funny entry. Also, sad but true!

At least I know I'm not alone!

Suzie said...

if I lost 33 pounds there would be fireworks! I hate men who can lose weight easily..

Michele said...

Thanks for the commiseration. And I mentioned that one of the reasons he thinks he lost weight is that he gave up soda. The sad fact is, he was probably only drinking 3 a week.

Please key the whining music when I say "It's not FAIR!!!"

Robin said...

It really isn't fair, is it? My husband lost bunches of weight by taking soda out of his diet and cutting down on his poportions. I wish it was that easy for me!