Thursday, January 10, 2008

Attention Target Customers!!

My Target just knocked a ton of toys down to 75% off!

I bought stuff for my kids for Christmas next year, bought a birthday and Christmas gift for one nephew, and Christmas or birthday gifts for three of my nieces. Plus, I bought four awesome gifts for the upcoming birthday parties my kids are invited to. Awesome enough that I can feel very cool and generous just giving one really awesome gift even though I have two kids coming to the party.

I just ran in for tampons and got so much more.

Target can use that as their new slogan. You saw it here first.


Sherry said...

I JUST got back from there and HOOOOOOOOOOOO BOY!!!!

Here's what I scored:

2 cheapy toy laptops - $3.75 each
1 School Bus Toy - $2.50
1 Set of stainless steel cooking utensils for the kids' new kitchen - $2.50
1 Dora Candy Land game - $2.24

And, it all got put on a GC to boot!!!!

Just reaffirms how much I love the Target.

Jerseygirl89 said...

Must stop reading your blog and go to Target right now.