Monday, February 18, 2008

Back in the Dating Game

Saturday night Tom and I had a date. A SLEEPOVER date. As in, the kids went elsewhere and Tom and I had the night/house/car/morning all to ourselves for the first time in three years.

And I just have one thing toask. What the HELL took us so long?????

It was delicious.

We have been on dates before, but they were quickies. We would put the kids to bed before we left, and be home before eleven. The kids wouldnt even know we were gone. But this time we packed them up and dumped them at my parents house for 20 hours of videos, cookies, snacks and grandparental love.

We had dinner at a hip restaurant. An Asian-fusion kind of place. It was packed, so we sat at the bar and had drinks, like real adults, and then we were so happy there that we decided to eat there at the bar. We ordered lots of wonderful not-kid friendly things, like sushi rolls with names like Angry Tuna and Dragon Fire and enough fresh wasabi to levitate the hair on my head. And then we had another drink before we left and strolled over to a bookstore where we had coffee and browsed and read magazines and did not even one time have to wipe someones nose, put anyone in time-out, or wrestle anyone into a public bathroom stall for the dreaded standing poopy diaper change.

And then we had the house to ourselves. Which can mean a number of things, and we did all of them.

That sound you hear is that of my sister gagging as she read that.

And we skipped church.

But all good things must end and then we couldnt wait to get our hands on the boys yesterday. I buried my head in their neck and inhaled their little boy-puppy smell. I got big, sloppy wet kisses and stories about where they slept and what they watched and ate and played with.

The more they talked the more I realzied how much I missed them while Tom and I were off on our extended "date".

And then we whipped out the calendar to schedule the next one.


Shelly said...

That sounds awesome! I must schedule one of those!

sherry said...

You so just reminded me that I need to speak to my Mother about the VERY same topic!!!!

Here's to hoping for another uber-date soon!!!

Laura said...

I am so glad you got some time together. Those are wonderful moments.

Robin said...

Hubby and I said the same thing at our first sleepover date post kid too! Now we can't wait for them.