Wednesday, February 20, 2008

God Bless Craigslist

Last night we bought this leather sofa (But in taupe, and without the surrounding decor. This is the best facsimile I could find online)

From this Olympic Figure Skater. Who could not have been a nicer guy. We even got to see his Olympic torch.

So, what did you do last night?


Rebecca said...

Seriously? I think that's the coolest blog post I've read all day. No, all year! So jealous!!

Karen said...

How funny, on Craigslist? Hmm, who knew?
My car once got backed into by this Olympian
she too was very nice. I thought maybe I should've at least copied the check she wrote me to pay for the damages for posterity's sake. Hee hee!

Shelly said...

No way! That is awesome. And a beautiful couch, too. I too, am so, so jealous.

Your Friend said...

I want to sit on the chaise lounge side, drink coffee and talk to my friend! Some thing tells me that whoever buys my bed currently on Craigs' list will not be so impressed. I have no torch to show them. Do you think they'd want some cookies?

Michele said...

The chaise lounge is always open for you, my sweet friend. And the coffee is always on.

And your cookies? I would buy used socks for those babies.