Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Mars Lotion on my Venus Hands

A really nice guy named Pete sent me samples of "Gloves in a Bottle" to review here. I was curious about it because not only am I a fanatical hand washer, I also have naturally dry skin that gets even worse in the winter. Gloves in a Bottle describes itself as a "Shielding Lotion". Instead of working as artifical moisture, as conventional hand creams do, Gloves in a Bottle professes to bind "with, the outer layer of skin creating a protective layer while retaining the natural moisture from within. This makes it the perfect dry skin care product...It does not wash off, but comes off naturally with exfoliated skin cells. Just reapply every four hours for continued protection."

I was really psyched to get the opportunity to sample something for free and write about it. I was sure I was going to love it and have 99 wonderful things to say about it and then other people would see my fabulous reviews and send me boxes of free make-up, shampoo and gadgets to try. Well, lets just say I wont be waiting by the mailbox for the flood of freebies. But it did pay off as a sociological experiment into what motivates me and Tom in our choices in grooming.

I tried it for several days running to see how it compared to my two go-to hand creams - Curel for next to the kitchen sink, and Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Moisturizing Hand Cream in the bathroom, in my purse and on my desk. Gloves in a Bottle comes in a royal blue bottle and looks like something you would see in a doctors office. The texture is that of a milky lotion, thinner than both Curel and BBW, but also very rapidly absorbed. Within less than a minute my hands are softer and yet dry enough to do anything without a greasy, damp or slippery feel. That is about equal to Curel for me, but much faster than BBW, which tends to feel greasier longer.

Every time I applied it, I waited at least half an hour before washing my hands again. I noticed that my hands got a dry, almost squeakly feel to them between applications, but definitely felt softer and looked moisturized. The feeling did last between hand washings, but never for the entire 4 hours that the product specs describe. Or maybe I am just a handwashing freak. I didn't see that it did much for my cuticles though, which are a problem area for me and one of the reasons I love BBW creme. I was also somewhat turned off by the smell, which reminds me of Elmer's School Glue. I want my hands to smell good, and this product just made me think of second grade art projects.

Feeling really guilty about the big sample bottle Pete sent me and the fact that I wasn't loving the stuff, I asked my husband to try it. His hands get horribly dry in the winter, but he hates anthing that feels greasy or smells "too girly" so he tends to just avoid putting anything on his hands during the day at all. (Sidebar - he will put hand creme on at night, and then put big cotton socks on his hands in an effort to keep the creme on. It is like sleeping with a bear with fluffy white paws.) He loved the stuff. It absorbed quickly, and didn't smell like perfume and he could put it on and forget it. He could see the guys at work using it because it would not make their hands slippery or "stink" (his words).

Which is how we differ in both hand creme selections, and life. Tom puts it on and forgets about it, oblivious to packaging or smell. I want my hand creme to come in a big pump bottle, or a sleek tube, and to smell delicious, and keep smelling delicious. In other words, Tom walks away and forgets and I just keep demanding more and more and more.

Ah well. Thanks Pete for the opportunity to try it, and I recommend it for the men in my life and definitely for workplaces where handwashing is frequent. I, on the other hand, will stick with my creamy, "stinky", girly stuff for now.


sherry said...

I'm just curious, who is this Pete character and does he need more reviews done? Because I'm all about being doled out free stuff.

:) :) :)

Binky said...

You are a very thorough reviewer. I think Pete should be proud. I read the whole thing through, and I don't usually do that.

Binky said...

I meant, I don't usually do that with other people's reviews. I did NOT mean that I don't usually do that with your posts! Just had to clarify that.

Michele said...

Sherry -
I think I heard about Pete via the DC Metro Moms. Some of them have review blogs and post stuff on their message board. I actualy heard from pete last night and he is sending me something else to review. The next time I see one, i will sned it your way.

Binky - Thanks! Now if only one of the major car companies would think that and let me review a new mini-van! Or a resort! I would be so very throrough!