Friday, February 15, 2008

Reduced to Lame

So I hit Target this morning for the 50% Valentine's day stuff.

No, no candy. We have sugar coming out of our eyeballs from the haul the kids got yesterday at their Valentine Party, and the years supply of Thin Mints that arrived earlier in the week. I went for the non-edible stuff - the cute kitchen towels, the cookie cutters, the sprinkles and pink jimmies that will still be good next year, the pink bowls. La, la, la.

I grabbed some cute towels and then I see a display similiar to this one:

My kids are all over the Backyardigans and I am psyched when I see Pablo's head among all of the Dora's and Blue's Clues tubes. These will make perfect Potty Training bribes rewards. I search through several trays until I find another Pablo - Score! I want to find one more for my niece, and as I am looking an 8 or 9 year old girl comes over to check the tubes out. She snatches up Dora and Blue, and then checks out what I have. She looks through the trays and then gives me a dirty look and a "Hmmmph!" and flounces off.

Whatever. Why isn't she in school?

I can't find another Backyardigans so I decided to check the third and final V-Day aisle to see if I missed anything. I see Dirty Look girl at the other end of the aisle with her mother (?) and she points to me and announces "That's her! That's the lady who took the last Backyardigans!"

Now I have the full attention of 11 other V-Day bargain shoppers. All of whom are wondering what kind of witch would deprive this bratty, wench dear child of the toys of her choice. I felt my face grow hot and my armpits start to sweat, and the best I could come up with, in the face of this school skipping snot girl and her permed mother was,

"But, I am trying to potty train twins."

Yup. Another Rockstar moment for me. Sigh.


Lumpyheadsmom said...

"Twins who are at school right now," you could have added sweetly.

sherry said...

Gah. This is why I just soooo hate people.

Amen to Lumpyheadsmom, BTW. What IS the deal with these school-age kids out on OUR turf in the middle of the damn day?

On a total random note, look for an email from me...need to possibly strategize for a visit this summer. YIPPIE!!!!

Swistle said...

OMG that nasty brat!

Rebecca said...

Snotty little brat. And I suppose the mother didn't even have the class to be embarassed.