Friday, February 22, 2008

Skirt-astic Searches with Jane Austen

A few months ago, Sarah, (who runs frequent and hysterical recaps of her search hits ) asked for suggestions for words she could plant in her blog to see what pulled in the most search hits. I suggested "under my skirt", based on my experience after this otherwise innocent post.

I didnt win. I think something like "Homer Simpson Vagine Tattoo" did. But below, for your reading revulsion, I present to you my own list of recent search hits. Recent, as in within the last 2 weeks. These are the people that are sharing the same airspace with you. Makes me want to scrub with Pine-sol sometimes:

"through my skirt" - Why Southern Women Wear Slips
"under the school skirt" - I am guessing not a pencil...
" up my moms skirt = Ewww!
"under mom's skirt" - See above. Ew.

" up and under skirts"- For the acrobatic types
"under the skirt nylon" - Anything like "Tripping the Light Fantastic"?
"jane austen mug" - Well, at least you didnt want to see under Jane's skirt
"babe legs unde skirt" - For the foreign visitors
"shrinking down my skirt" - I wish
"problems pantyhose up my skirt" - I have found the title for my Autobiography
"under skirt church" - During lent?? Have you no soul??
"babe with big ones" - Here!
"under up all skirts "- An equal opportunity perv.
"flip my skirt" - Tramp
"under the skirts" - We are all the same.
"One two babe" - With or without my skirt?
"pantyhose under my skirt" - You had to search google to find this out?
"gay boys playing with their brothers toys" - How did you slip in here?
"i got two, she my bitch" - My husband.
"moms for boy babe" - May I suggest Dina Lohan?
"up my teachers skirt" - An educated perv.
"babe in kilt" - Shout out to my Scottish friends.
"hairy under the skirt" - For the same sex brides.
"Put down(Frost) under the skirt" - This makes me cold.
"jane austen coffee mug" - I thought she drank tea...?
"skirts slipping down" - talk to the skirt shrinker above.
Happy Skirt Friday!


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Frost down the skirt! Brrrrr.

And yes, Homer Simpson Vagina Tattoo won the last contest.


Karen said...

Okay I am very new to this blog thing, how do you get this interesting info please?

Michele said...

Karen -

This is sort of like finding out about Santa Claus.

Most blogs have a site meter on them, which means that a little gadget tracks how many people come to your blog, how long they stayed, what brought them here, etc. Dont worry, it doesnt name names or tell me anything else about my visitors except where they generally live. For example, I get alot of hits from Florida and Pennsylvania, but I dont know who those people are. The funny thing is the feature that tells you what search terms brought them there, and which search engine. Alot of the pervs come via Google and quite a few are from out of the US.

Karen said...

Michele, Santa Claus indeed! This is the most fun I've had in ages. Yes, I need a life, why do you ask? Thank you for introducing me to such a fun toy! I had to get a friend in on it to help me test and now she too is stalking her own site meter waiting for her present from Santa! Hee hee!

DC Metro said...

Love your blog! I can't find an email address to contact you. I wanted to see if you would be interested in blogging on my website,

Lorna said...

Keep up the good work.