Monday, February 4, 2008

Putting it Out There

I am copying this from Swistle, who copied it from a few others. It is a meme of sorts, but I think it is more like Anonymous Therapy. Just write a list of the things you wish you had said but didn't. No backstory or names needed.

(Christine, Amy, Jackie, Points for any you can guess)

1 - You were right, you weren't worthy of being my first. And I have no idea what I was doing with you.

2 - Stop babying him. He is a spoiled, selfish, self-absorbed brat who milks his "issues" for everything he can get.

3 - You copied everything I did, and milked our friendship for everything you could, lied to me because you knew you were a sell-out, and then had the nerve to cry about how much you would miss me.

4 - You can't reject someone who never wanted you in the first place.

5 - You were never good enough for me, but I just didn't know who I was yet.

6 - You, my dear, are just a miserable bitch who will die alone. Stop trying to make yourself feel better by making everyone else look bad.

7 - Laid off from what? I have hardly done any work in a year.

8 - I am the best thing that ever happened to him, so instead of picking me apart, you should be kissing my feet.

9 - You look ridiculous and fat in that, and you need to tone it down. The real you is much better than this. And stop looking at my shoes.

10 - Shut up and get in the car.

11 - I made a huge mistake and I am so lucky you forgave me and stayed friends with me.

12 - No, I dont want 15 kids I have never even met at my wedding.

Aaaaah, much better. Feel free to add your own in the comments. Or do a list and PLEASE link back so I can read yours.


Swistle said...

That is really, really excellent. I love all of them, but particularly "kissing my feet," "milked our friendship," and "ridiculous and fat."

Shelly said...

Ooh, I like that! I may do a list. If I do, I will come back and let you know.

BetteJo said...

That does seem rather cathartic! Might be something to put on my to do list! I will let you know if I do!

Your Friend said...

Ok, I think I know to whom you would say #2 and #8. As for #9, It's like you were in the dressing room with me this weekend. And I have to know who was #3. And #11 I could have said to you about 1,000 times but didn't and you still stayed friends with me.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I would do this in a second if everybody I know didn't read my blog.

(I think I have a really good guess for #8)

Shelly said...

I did it! Come read!