Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Big Three

Three years ago right now, I was being wheeled into the delivery room. I was about to begin the greatest experience of my life. I knew that I would love being a mother, but nothing prepared me for how much I would love it, and love you.

From the moment you were born, you were better than any fantasy I had ever had about what my children would be like. I held you in wonder and I couldn't believe that you came from me, that I was responsible for your perfect little nose, your tiny hands and your pink feet. I thought I would get used to it, but you still take my breath away all of the time with your gorgeous deliciousness. Eamon, the way your eyes twinkle and dance when you laugh at something I said. Jonas, the way you stare at me with those big blue eyes, full of so much trust and faith in me that sometimes I don't feel worthy.

In the last year you have both taken off in a million different directions. Eamon you are a born performer, and are happiest when you are making us laugh with a story or a silly dance. You need a little more time to wake up in the morning, but once you do you leap into the day with the energy and curiosity of 10 kids. You want to learn all of the time, and you are always looking for something new to climb, read, color, or throw. You love school and your friends, but you also like just being with your family too. I love when we are all at the dinner table and you look around and do "roll call", saying "My Daddy, My Mommy, My Jonas, and Me!!". At night, just before bed, you snuggle up next to me and sigh contentedly "This is our house Mommy. You and me and Daddy and Jonas." You do love your brother and always refer to him as "My Jonas". You don't like when you don't know what he is doing or where he is, and you even stand up for him when he is in time-out, waiting at his knee until he gets out. You favorite things right now are your turtles, The Backyardigans, and Diego. You learn the words to songs quickly and love to sing. When we ride in the car for any length of time, Jonas invariably falls asleep and you sing. And sing, and sing, until the last mile or two of the trip, when you feel into a deep sleep, with your fingers playing with your hair. You are my sunshine, my sweet, sweet boy.

And Jonas, you love Eamon right back. Lately you have taken to grabbing him for a "Big squeeze" and saying "You my best friend!". Nothing makes me happier than watching how you two love each other. You have become protective of your brother, stepping in to protect him from Graham when he yelled at Eamon one day at "school", and always looking out for him when cookies or milk or markers are being handed out. You also love school, but not as much as football, which has become your obsession. We guess it is because you worship your older cousins, who all play football. You talk about it all of the time, and we can pretty much get you to eat anything if we tell you that it will make you a strong football player. You have favorite football shirts and Steelers socks that you want to wear every day, and can spy them in the clean laundry basket from a mile away. You love your books and "Jack's Big Music Show" and you love, love, love to dance. Most days when we get to school, you run up to your teacher and ask her if you can "go dance", and I am late to work sometimes because I just love watching you groove and shimmy to your favorite songs. But I think your favorite thing to do is to chase and wrestle with Daddy and Eamon. I love your hysterical screams and laughter when "Daddy Bear" chases you and catches you in a bear hug. You are getting so big, but your are still my snuggly Baby Joe with the softest, most kissable cheeks in the world.

Both of you have learned so much in the last year, You are full of words and chatter and stories and songs. You have very definite preferences in clothes, books, food, TV shows and stuffed animals. You like going to the park, and the "Milk Store" (Costco) to see the "Muffin Man" (baker). You love your bath, but hate brushing your teeth. You like balls and trucks and cars and trains. We watched "The Polar Express" at least 40 times in the last four months and soon, very soon we will take a real train ride to celebrate potty training success. I love when we are riding in the car and you spy the letters you are learning in school, and hearing you say the Pledge of Allegiance, and telling me what the weather is every day.

Every day with you is filled with joy, and delight, and challenges and learning. You have changed me forever, for better, and I have never been as happy to be anything as I am to be your mother.

Happy Birthday, and many, many more, my sweet boys.


becky_handsfull said...

Happy, happy!

sherry said...

Oh Michele. What a lovely tribute to your boys...and those names...I never knew their names, and they're amazing.

As is their Mom.

Congrats on making it through another year. :)

Betts4 said...

A wonderful letter to your children! I hope you print it out and save it for them. They are very cute!