Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Further Proof That I Am Really a 12 Year Old Boy

So I have been in kind of funk for a few days and this morning it wasn't any better. Lots of little things bothering me, none of which I can really do anything about.

Anyway I decided that if I was going to get out of it I needed to DO something. I decided to try the old fake it until you make it and just pretend that I am happy until it sticks. And so far so good. I wrestled and chased with the kids, making them laugh and scream until we were hopelessly late this morning. I have smiled and chatted with everyone I made eye contact with today, let people cut in front of me in traffic and waved, bought coffee for a co-worker and sent a few emails to long distance friends just to say hi.

And I do feel better, I do. But the best thing about this day was something I saw when I ran out for coffee. Normally I HATE graffiti of any kind, but today I passed something that just cracked me up. Someone had painted "The P Crew" on a wall behind a drug store months ago. Sometime in the last few days, someone else came along and changed it to "The Poop Crew". Then as I continued along the lane behind this same store, I saw that they had also changed several street signs. One that previously said "Do Not Enter" now says "Do Not Poop" and another that said "Do Not Park Here" now says "Do Not Poop Here". I laughed all the way back to work.

I wonder if The Poop Crew is looking for new members? Can you imagine what the gang initiation would be?

Updated to add - WW Week Three Weigh In - 1 stinking pound. I was perfect and I even exercised. I am bummed.


Becky said...

Can the poop crew come clean my back yard please?

Down 1 pound? That's better than nothin'.

MamaBird said...

Do you also love South Park?! Glad the Poop Crew cheered you up (maybe your husband could send a baby ruth floater into your kids' bath?) p.s. Think about all the muscle you built up exercising! It is heavier than fat.

Shelly said...

LOLOL!!!! I love it! That kind of stuff makes my day! I would totally join the Poop Crew. And I second Becky - 1 pound is better than nothing - and it's better than being up 1 pound! Think positive!

Laura said...

Losing 1 pound is always better than gaining 1. And I can't think of a better way to cheer one's self up than the things you have done. Of course, the poop crew helps too and I don't even want to imagine that initiation.