Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Wanna make an easy $25?

Do you use Paypal? I used to, but then I forgot my password and since I had originally signed up with an old email address that had since gone extinct, I wasnt able to have them resend my password. So I tried creating a new account with my new email address and because I wanted to link it to the same bank account, they freaked. Treated me like I was trying to defraud paypal and bring down the entire US Financial system.

So I stopped buying stuff with Paypal. Which means I quit eBay. Nice for my spending habits, but not so nice for my Precious Moments collection. Kidding! I hate Precious Moments crap.

If I offended you, then please let me know and I will laugh at you apologize.

But lately I have been sort of missing eBay. What I can't find on craiglist, I could always find there. And I have some stuff I want to sell on eBay. But what to do without Paypal?

I will tell you what I did. There is a new money exchanger in town and it is called RevolutionMoneyExchange. I first heard about it on Money Saving Moms and then I googled it and found out that yes, they do indeed give you $25 just for signing up. So i ran over and signed up and Bam, I have a $25 credit in my account.

If you would like to sign up, you will also get $25 and I will get $10 for referring you. Click that fancy green button up on the right, under my boys heads. And then I can go back to ebay and buy you something nice for your Precious Moments collection.


JMC said...

Paypal keeps doing that shit to me, too. My husband and I have a joint credit card that we use for pretty much everything, but two different Paypal accounts. They won't let us tie our credit card to both accounts! Which not only SUCKS, it means I have to use one of our other credit cards that we don't normally use so that whenever I buy something using Paypal I have an extra bill to pay. I HATE paying bills.

Karen said...

We have the same problem, two paypal accounts we want to attach to the same account and they won't let us. Why? Is it not normal for 2 people to share a bank account? Drives me cRaZy! And here I thought I was the only one. Misery loves company!

Sherry said...


Now, go and buy me something pretty, and don't spend that $10 all in one place!

Shelly said...


Just kidding! I don't hate them, but I certainly don't collect them. Just had to tease you! : )

I don't buy much online and haven't used paypal in so long I've forgotten all my account info, but I'll keep this one in mind and if I need one, I'll come back to your blog and click the link and set up an account.

Michele said...

Sherry - your rock! I am searching for just the right sad eyed Precious Moments moppet for you.

And thanks to the other anonymous person who signed up. I am $20 closer to a vacation now. Wooot!